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                        A MODERN FAMILY BUSINESS
                     WITH A RICH TRADITION

Ever since its founding
in 1921, Heemskerk has
been a family business
with a rich tradition in
livestock farming as well
as world-wide purchase
and sale of livestock.

From generation to generation Heemskerk has
accumulated a vast knowledge and experience.
In this highly specialised line of business. This is a
great advantage, from which we and our clients
profit every day. After all it is a pleasant idea that
we need just a few words to understand and meet
our clients' wishes.

Still, essential though it is, it does not present the
most important aspect. Each day we predominantly
do everything in our power to truly satisfy our
clients. This challenge invariably makes our
business a fascinating one. As for our clients,
our personal attention and self-evident quality
has turned Heemskerk into a well-known and
acknowledged name in its field.
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